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Starting Fresh

As you may have noticed, I have moved my blog from Typepad over here to Squarespace. 

I am treating this as a fresh start. When I started blogging over on Typepad at SeriousPlay in March of 2009, I didn't really know what I was doing. I just wanted a space to share my crafts and scrapbooking projects. I was figuring out blogging and everything related to it. Now I have learned so much more and have new endeavours to pursue. 


With the opening of my rePaperedShop on Etsy, I have begun to move in a different direction. This lead me to want a new space for not only sharing my scrapbooking projects, but also my shop items and how I use them in my own projects. Hence the move to this site.

A name change also seemed to be in order with this move. I was always conflicted with the blog name Serious Play. It spoke to what I wanted out of my blog, but it is also owned by another company, so there was no chance of a future with that name. When I decided on the name rePaperedShop for my Etsy shop, it only made sense that I carry on that name here to, as it fits with the scrapbooking theme as well.

So there you have it. A new name. A new site. A new direction...

rePapered Story

rePapered Story

Welcome to My New Home

Welcome to My New Home