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Ways to Use a Monthly Planner Insert

Ways to Use a Monthly Planner Insert

I have been playing around with a few different formats for a monthly planner insert and I have finally hit on one that I love.


The calendar for the month is right on the first page because I find myself flipping to it often so I wanted it handy and easy to find. Since I am on a mission to learn to draw flowers, I decorated my calendar page with some flower designs.


The calendar page is followed by a Goals page. Each month I choose some items that I wish to accomplish during that month. Sometimes they are great big goals and sometimes they are simple and easily achieved. Either way, I find that by writing them down and making them explicit, I am more likely to achieve the goals that I have set for myself.


Once I have set my goals for the month I begin to break those down into actionable steps. This To Do page is where I begin to list what I have to do this month. Sometimes there are many steps related to my goals and other times just a few. There are even items that I list here not related specifically to my goals, just things I need to address in my life / house / schedule. Again, having them written down helps me to stay focused and effective.


Here is the weekly page spread in my planner. I tried out several designs before I found this particular one that fit my needs best. I love the open space at the top so that I can practice more of my floral drawings. The week days are written across the page and I added the numbers of the days overtop with a marker. This is where I break down my To Do list into very precise actions and assign them to a day. This way I can ensure that little by little I am accomplishing the tasks that I have to do. And there is such satisfaction in ticking off the little boxes.

This particular week happened to be quite full, but I can still read it all clearly. This page has a dot graph overlay so I can ensure that all my writing stays straight but there are not full lines to interfere with all the other artsy stuff I want to do here. In the end, it is all neat and tidy. I like that.


Finally, I created a Month At A Glance page. This page allows me to look ahead and plan events where I can see the entire month at once. It also is a nice recap at the end of the month that I can refer to rather than flipping through the weekly pages to see when an event took place.

Do you use a planner? I would love to hear your thoughts on how you use it and what features are important to you!

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