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Why You Need a Weekly Planner

Why You Need a Weekly Planner

Can you believe we are already heading into April? Time flies…

But, you can recover some of that time by keeping track of things in a monthly planner. I have designed a pretty planner to help you maximize your time and get things done!


The most obvious reason to use a planner is for time management. But did you know that it also gives you more time? By scheduling in tasks and events (and ensuring you do not miss anything important) you will see how much leftover time you have to relax, watch a family movie, or catch up on social media. Without a planner, people tend to rush through life with no real big picture and before you know it, the week is gone and you did not address some of the important things that needed to be completed.


Planners ensure that you will not forget important tasks or events. Psychologists say that even the act of writing down the ‘not to be forgotten’ item will help you to remember it. As well, seeing it written down each time you open a weekly spread will bring the task or event to mind. The more times the brain sees it, the more it will remember.


Planners help you to set big goals. When you know where your time is going, it is easier to be intentional with your goals. Often we think we do not have time to dream big, let alone try to achieve those dreams, but a planner can help. Once you state your goals you can then break them down into achievable steps and assign those smaller steps to a specific day (and time).

For example, let’s say you wish to bake a cake for a weekend birthday. On Monday you can schedule in time to search for a recipe. On Tuesday you can plan in time to write a grocery list. On Wednesday you can see that you have a hair appointment, so it would be easy to schedule in grocery shopping time following that appointment. On Thursday, block off time to prep any of the more time consuming steps of baking the cake, like making the chocolate shavings to decorate the top. And on Friday, you can bake the cake! In this way, the task does not seem so overwhelming and likely to inhibit you from taking on this challenge of baking. Now if you are a baker and all this comes easy to you, perhaps there is another goal that you have been putting off and to which you could apply this planner technique.


Scheduling out your weekly To Dos will help you to improve your productivity. With all tasks itemized before you in your planner, you can stay on track with each individual task. This will prompt you to complete each task (there is such satisfaction in checking off each little task) and be motivated to start the next effectively and efficiently. I will often feel so good after completing everything for that day, that I can then capitalize on my ‘free time’. When I know that all of the important things have been addressed then I do not feel guilty sitting down to browse through a magazine - in fact I enjoy it more!


Finally, keeping a planner relieves your stress. Being confident that you have not missed an event, or forgotten to complete an important task is a rare feeling for many in this busy full-time existence we all have. The demands on our lives is constant and has seemed to somehow grow with the increase of social media and all we do online. Using a planner will ensure that all your tasks and events are seamlessly met and you will not have to worry about missing out or over scheduling yourself.

So, check out my shop and start a new habit in April! You will not regret it…

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