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Through the Tough Times

Through the Tough Times

This summer was hard.

Our weather was not overly sunny or warm. There were very few days worthy of pulling out the patio furniture cushions. I did get to do some travel so that was nice, but my heart was as heavy as the clouds hovering over my head most of the summer.

Why, you ask? Well, several of my people were struggling and it weighed heavily on me. Two of my cousins (who are as close as siblings) are wading through divorce. A very close friend lost her father-in-law. One of my daughters who lives eight hours from home due to her job is missing home and desiring some changes. The other daughter is stressed out preparing for her CPA (accounting) exams that are three days long (how is that even a thing?). And then returning back to work I found out that one of our office personnel died from cancer after being diagnosed less than a year ago. Ugh…

So, yes, life is tough.

But it is not insurmountable or hopeless. Life does knock us back on our heels sometimes, but this summer made me reflect on the things that I have already overcome in life. And how they felt hard at the time. And how I struggled, but made it through. I had to be tough.

And you are tough too.

If you can relate to life being tough today, then this quote is for you! Let’s stand side by side and show life just how tough we can be…

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