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Two Ways to Express Gratitude this Thanksgiving Season

Two Ways to Express Gratitude this Thanksgiving Season

I am so blessed.

I have recently read two different novels giving insight into the differing perspectives of WW2. I also watched a movie about the genocide in Burma. I cannot relate. I am safe and secure. I have food. My needs are met. I am content in my life.

As the Thanksgiving season approaches, I am reminded to be grateful. Having much to be grateful for, I want to share that message with those around me. Studies show that exercising gratitude improves one’s psychological and physical health, self-esteem, mental strength and more. I am taking mindful steps towards gratitude this month (and throughout the year).

Here are two ways that I am exhibiting gratitude in this fall season:

By hanging this print on my wall as a reminder to me and all my loved ones…

By writing down all that I am grateful for in my journal…

I have been keeping a Gratitude journal since the beginning of 2019 and I can truly say that it keeps me grounded and constantly aware of all that I am blessed with in this life.

How are you preparing your heart for the upcoming Thanksgiving season?

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