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5 Ways to Enrich Your Mind

5 Ways to Enrich Your Mind

The other day I came across an interesting blog post that listed 25 Ways to Nourish Your Mind. I found it interesting that six of the ideas listed are all related to notebooks and journaling in some way. And they are already things that I am doing!

Start Journaling

Journaling has been a part of my life since as far back as I can remember, high school at least (and that is a long time ago for me)! I love colourful patterned notebooks and offer several options in my shop, namely blank, dotted or lined.

Get a Planner

I have been using a planner for 2 years now and I cannot say how freeing it is to have everything written down. My mind is free of the worry that I have forgotten to do something or that I will not have time to do the things I need to do. It took some time to get into the habit, I must admit, but now that I am using my planners regularly I am so much more efficient!

Create a Bucket List

Everyone needs to dream. Bucket Lists are a wonderful way to imagine what you want in life and then when you are in the throes of hard work, you remember what it is all for! I keep adding to my Bucket List as life unfolds and I am more aware of what I truly want for myself.

Try a Brain Exercise or Do a Puzzle

When I saw this one listed I nearly laughed. Puzzles and brain challenges are my jam. Doctors agree that word or number games exercise unused parts of the brain, so I am banking on that! My game of choice is something called Blackout Poetry.

You simply start with book page and look for random words that make sense together. I love a good fun challenge. I have made vintage book pages into notebooks for this purpose and I fill them to exercise my creativity.


Start Making Goals

When your dreams and Bucket Lists are written down in your journal, and your planner is begging for you to fill your time efficiently, you will find that you want to set some long-term goals to work towards. These goals can be big lofty, I’m-gonna-get-there-someday goals, or they can be goals that are easily achieved during the week. Either way, writing them down allows them to be in front of your face regularly, making them more likely to attain. As well, setting these goals allows you to break them down into manageable and doable steps that you will portion out in your planner.

Learn Something New

This one can be a stretch, but it is always worth it. A couple of years ago I set out to learn the art of calligraphy. I bought books, watched YouTube videos, took a few online classes, then practiced and practiced and practiced. I used my journals for this daily practice and it is so rewarding to look back to see where I have come from. Finding every chance I could to do calligraphy ensured that I didn’t get bored of just writing random words. I lettered quotes, phrases, poems, and even did Bible journaling using this new skill. I cannot say I have arrived, but I have definitely progressed to where I am happy with my calligraphy.

So, do you partake in any of these activities that are said to enrich your mind?

This is my challenge to you…

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